Shoko Music Tours

An opportunity for Israelis and tourists alike to have an intimate encounter with local contemporary Israeli culture!

The tour is comprised of different culturally enriching activities listed below. 

1) Asaf/Tomer our licensed  local tour guides will take the group through the winding streets and alley ways of the Nachlaot Neighborhood in Jerusalem. 

2) The group arrives at the house of the Djamchid Sisters. They are greeted with a light reception snack/drinks followed by a living room performance for 45 minutes. Immediately the energy and inspiration from the performance is captured in an exciting writing exercise conducted by the very musicians themselves! 

3) The group continues along their guided tour through Nahlaot until reaching the home of Chef Yael Livshitz. While the group was enjoying beautiful music Yael was cooking up a storm full of her favorite tastes. The group gets to enjoy her story and connection to the delicious food they are eating. For dessert Natanel Zalait has prepared passionately hand crafted rich and creamy hot Shoko and the like to fight the cold Jerusalem streets.

4) By now Yifat Ganuz our  art instructor has set up many blank canvases waiting to be filled with the creativity of each member of the group. She joyfully leads with some tips and techniques for those who want some guidance on their journey to becoming artists!

5) By now many hours have passed. 6 to be precise. The group has gotten in touch with the contemporary artists of Israel and their own artistic side with easy going fun vibes in the company of one another!



A project by

Eitan Agor (CEO) &

Jason Marshall (COO) 

Shoko Music

Connecting local Israeli

arts & culture with everyone!