Eitan Agor

Eitan Agor


Eitan Founded SHOKO Music  in the summer of '18. He grew up in Marlboro, NJ, and attended Yeshivot around the world, spending his late adolescent years  in Africa and Australia. At age 20 he moved to a kibbutz in the Golan Hieghts and tilled the land.  Upon mastering Hebrew he decided to become a citizen and  drafted into the IDF (MAGAV). Upon completing his service he realized the fight for Israel is on many fronts, and chose culture and the arts to be his battlefield. When not working on SHOKO he can be found sitting in his local cafe schmoozing, reading or taking a stroll in the park.

Jason Marshall

Jason Marshall


Jason has been a part of SHOKO Music since its founding. Having a love for learning one B.A wasn't enough, so he has two; one in Philosophy and the other in Math. His combination of character and charisma landed him a position as the youngest consultant working for BDO in New York City. After two years and perhaps too much success he decided at the age of 23 to make aliyah and start the hustle all over again. In less than a year he has learned Hebrew, moved to a kibbutz, and has volunteered for the IDF. When not working on SHOKO Music he can be found jumping out of planes with his platoon.

Sam Brandt

Sam Brandt


Sam Brandt grew up in Central New Jersey, developing an early passion for technology and programming. After making Aliyah in 2018, he joined the IDF, where he works for a high tech unit supporting the Search and Rescue Brigade. When not working, Sam continues to code on his own, pursuing various DevOps and web development side projects. But computer languages aren’t the only ones he knows; he also speaks English, Russian, and Hebrew.



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