Our Musicians

iLan bar-Levi

Guitarist & Composer iLan Bar-Lavi grew up between Mexico City and Jerusalem in a multicultural family. His music and guitar playing are influenced by the music that he grew up around: rock, bolero, jazz, Son Jarocho, Cuban Timba, Middle Eastern, Greek, Balkan, Jewish and Arabic music.

Yosef & Malca

Yosef & Malca met in Mitzpe Ramon, a small desert town in Israel. They started creating music together with each one bringing their own groove and harmony from completely different backgrounds to create a new unique sound. In Yosef & Malca’s music you’ll hear influences from indie, elctro pop, R&B and even classical, but yet it doesn’t quite sound like anything else. The Yosef & Malca live show is a high-end musical experience produced on stage with live looping techniques and improvisation which makes every show a different excuse to move your body.


Formed in 2019 in Israel by Dan S. and Binder. The band combines neo soul with RnB Blues & Jazz to create a new and unique genres blend which will open the door for the modern sound of the 2020's.


We are Wallak, a fresh new band made of four musicians from Jerusalem and Zfat that study all sort of ancient music all the way from India to north Africa. Together we raised a show that combines classic and original pieces.

Vadim Mechona

post soviet RAVE made in Jaffa | Vadim is a musician & producer based in Jaffa Israel , Vadim’s music influenced by the post soviet culture he immigrated from , and the local Middle Eastern culture he grew up in ... the result is a cultural melting pot mutation on stage dropping raps and innovative beats , fusing east and west in a unique Israeli way together with the Arabic Dj Abass

Tzouk Benayun

Tzouk hails from the vineyards of the northern Galilee. His hands have been producing wine since before he was legal to drink but playing the guitar has no restrictions and consumed his time more than the best wine ever could. Telling his story in a classic Israeli Folk fashion Tzouk takes us a long with him in his journey through life.

The UniqueHorns

African Unicorns are known to sing the most beautiful songs known to man. Although Human ears cannot comprehend these songs, luckily The Uniquehorns have translated them into beats and notes comprehensible by all Humans!

Tammy ben Hadar

Since 2012 Tammy and her band have been creating amazing vibes for many groups in many events. With an array of different styles, Hebrew rock, World, Acoustic,any audience would enjoy a performance from Tammy!

Tamar Philosof

Life, Pain, Birth, and Music


Arabic Israeli Vibes

Shelly Alma

Shelly Alma takes you with her on an exciting journey to the places that inspire her  Jerusalem, New York and Mexico. She sings in Hebrew, English, and Spanish bringing to the stage a huge musical variety: from ballads to rock, R&B and soul.


Post-Funk music

Shahar Gutman

Shahar is a singing songwriting acoustic guitar playing master piece of a young woman. Despite having a particular experience on earth, her songs reveal a human experience of being, which anyone can relate to.  She does it in the most beautiful way and anyone that sees her perform will confirm this to be true.

Roni bar Hadas

Roni is a 24 year old Tel-Avivi Musician. Her music is in English, but encapsulates vintage Israeli sounds. She is an alumni of the prestigious  IDF ensemble, has performed with Alon Oliarchik, opened for Big Thief, and wonderful to see live!

Radio Luna

A medley of sounds Latin, Mizrahi, Mexican, and Israeli fused together so well a new genre has been created!

Portnoy Brothers

These British-Born brothers have traveled the world together, bringing their genre-defying and multi-lingual music along with a healthy dose of British humor wherever they go.


ART-группировка русско-украинских эмигрантов в Израиле. Любим политику, искусство и сарказм. Следуем зову сердца, а не модным тенденциям

Ofir J.Rock

Art - Life - Music - Silent, Words - Melodies and ideas from along the road

Ninja Desert

Itay Bar-Lavi is a Mexican beat monster who teamed up with Itamar Strier a classical guitar composer and lyricist to create a Spanish rap duo with beats from the Middle East

Magi Hikri

Magi Hikri credits the Yemenite synagogue in her neighborhood as one of her musical influences, alongside soul, funk, hip-hop, electronic beats, and the legendary Egyptian singer Umm Kulthum, whose records her Iraqi grandmother played in their house.

Maayan Linik

Maayan grew up in a very musical home. She plays many instruments such as the piano, cello, and bass but singing is her true calling. Maayan's performance is very unique in that amidst her original songs, she leaves room for silence. The moment comes to life with pure improvising honed during her jazz training. She takes her audience in those moments of uncertainty on  a journey that they will never forget!

Jamie Gordon

Makes musical performance with personal Aliyah journey incorporated. Runs creative expression workshops which give people tools to process their journey here and allow them to communicate and connect through creativity.

Itay Kfir

Itay performs acoustic solos full of emotion and passion. His talent is superb and wonderfully complimented by his humility. During his performance your body will sway, your foot will tap, your head will nod, but your heart will pound!

Itamar Beck

Israeli Blues

Ice Hokku

Intelligent sophisticated dance music with individualized mix of electronic and acoustic sound. Ice Hokku songs are built with the help of loop stations and performed on the stage by two people with guitar, synthesizers, percussions and voices. At the same time, this music has light structure and opens boundaries for experiment with links to oriental, jazz or deeper electronics. The name of Ice Hokku duo was inspired by the philosophy of the Japanese hokku(haiku) poetry and refers to the North roots of the musicians and ice hockey. Get your different but equally vivid experience and energy by listening to the duo at open air festivals and at club performances which involve video art and works of visual language artists. Feel the freedom and how unlimited the art of music is.

Ella Daniel


Eden Dersso

Dersso was noticed by Tel Aviv–based musician DJ Mesh, who invited her to join his label, Shigola Records, and produced one of her biggest music videos to date: “Busses,” in which she uses buses as a metaphor for people’s opinions, weighing down and moving heavily around in her head. “I want to be everywhere for everyone to see, acknowledge, and respect what I do, because I would have loved to see a black woman spinning this country when I was a child. I want Israel to eventually be sick of my face.” -Eden Derrso


Half French, Half Persian, 100% Israeli. Inbal sets out to re-establish and reclaim the Jewish Middle Eastern narrative through her beautiful music!


Echo is a female rapper in Israel. She makes the music so you can feel the love.

Drue & the Millions

Drue & the Millions are the R&B legends of Israel. Many alike their performance to that of an incredulous collaboration between Anderson Paak and Amy Winehouse. All of their songs are original pieces written by Drue, as well the music by the band. Copious amounts of swag and soul emanate during their live performance, therefore... stretching is advised before the show!

Dotan Moshonov

Born in 1984 in Tel Aviv, music producer, composer keyboardist and guitarist. Moshonov graduated from the department of multidisciplinary composition at the Israel Academy of Music. Founded and produced several bands in Israel.

Djamchid Sisters

Soft Hebrew indie sounds combined with Israeli instrumental folk music are the soul creations of the sisters. Playing their own instruments (Shi-li on the guitar and Eden on the cello), singing, writing and composing songs–it is a truly original beat connecting to the local reality of Israel.

David Shiluach & The Workin' Spirits

David Shiloach and the Nefashot are the new face of Israeli folk. As a student of literature and Jewish Studies Davids songs  deal with classic stories from the bible while breaking new ground in the contemporary folk genre in general.


Caifas is a ethno-fusion band based in Jerusalem. Started as a piano-oud duo and grown into 6-piece ensemble playing original compositions. Working on our first album, stay tuned for more music


Both Guy and Gilad are guitarists whom inspired by the 70's come together to make contemporary Israeli Rock and Roll

Anna RF


Amit Dvir

Amit lives in Haifa, the indie capitol of Israel. Originally from California, her vibes are pleasant and chill like the waves of the Pacific. Add to the mix a touch of rap, soul, tahini, and feminism and you get a new genera of Israeli music!

Abigale Leibowitz

My name is Abi, I’m a singer-songwriter. My musical style is a blend of folk and pop. My main music inspirations are John Mayer, and Ed Sheeran.



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