Henoch Barczinski

Drawings From an Attic

Henoch (Henryk) Barczyński (Barciński) (1896-1941)


Born in Lodz. From 1912-1914, he studied graphics at Jakub Kacenbogen’s private school, and in 1915-1916 he studied at the atelier of the sculptor Henryk Glicenstein in Warsaw. From 1918-1921, he joined a group of expressionist artists and writers active in Lodz, called the “Jung Jidysz." His artwork incorporates motifs and themes from Jewish tradition and culture. In 1919, Barczyński began studying at the Academy of Art in Dresden. In 1925, the Red Cross in Paris awarded him first place in poster design. Barczyński traveled to Italy, Spain and France, eventually settling in Berlin in 1927. After the Nazi rise to power, in 1934 he returned to Lodz, where he was active in the city's art scene. In September 1939, he fled to the town Tomaszów Mazowiecki with a following of artists. In December 1940, he was interned in the ghetto with the rest of the city's Jewish residents. Because he was not a permanent resident of Tomaszów, in the spring of 1941, he was sent to Biała Rawska. During the transfer he was murdered by the Nazis. His sister returned to Lodz after the war and found some of his artwork in an attic and she later brought them with her to Israel.

With thanks to Yad Vashem for the restoration of these drawings 

Barczynski 12

Barczynski 1

Barczynski 62

Barczynski 23

Barczynski 58

Barczynski 11

Barczynski 35

Barczynski 27

Barczynski 17

Barczynski 39

Barczynski 6

Barczynski 16

Barczynski 8

Barczynski 2

Barczynski 10

Barczynski 13

Barczynski 9

Barczynski 25

Barczynski 54

Barczynski 7

Barczynski 66

Barczynski 21

Barczynski 34

Barczynski 61

Barczynski 26

Barczynski 14

Barczynski 63

Barczynski 31

Barczynski 15

Barczynski 20

Barczynski 4

Barczynski 22

Barczynski 33

Barczynski 65

Barczynski 18

Barczynski 64

Barczynski 5

Barczynski 59

Barczynski 32

Barczynski 46

Barczynski 3

Barczynski 60



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