Why Shoko?

Shoko is short for Shoko BeSakeet which is chocolate milk in a

bag, a high class and sofisticated drink with which every

Israeli is familiar. Here at Shoko, we strive to bring you the

best that Israeli culture has to offer. Our goal is to

guarentee that you are not limited to the trite experiences

found in travel brochures and many programs and tours. When

you engage with Shoko, you get the real deal. We bring latest

and best local Israeli musicians to interact with tourists and

Israelis alike. By the end, you will be left with a feeling of

having experienced the "real" Israel.

How Does It Work?

Jerusalem has many neighborhoods that are teaming with artists

and specifically musicians. They are professional yet humble.

Their Israeli character allows them to be flexible and easy

going, prime for last minute coordinations while producing

amazing performances. Their passion is great and their ego

small; any place is a great place to make music - even a hotel

conference room!

Who Is This Made For?

Shoko can be an amazing experience for anyone interested in

staying off the beaten path. If you like small and intimate

performances with local artists, then definitley come let us

help make your next trip to The Holy Land something uniqe and




A project by

Eitan Agor (CEO) &

Jason Marshall (COO) 

Shoko Music

Connecting local Israeli

arts & culture with everyone!